Optibelt TERMS


ALPHA TORQUE Polyurethane timing belts.
ALPHA POWERHigh performance polyurethane timing belts.
BLUE POWERBanded and single v-belts that feature aramid cords for industrial horsepower applications.
CPClamping Plate
DKDouble sided v-belt product range.
FAN POWERIndustry engineered timing belt product range that is certified anti-static.
HVAC POWERIndustry engineered V-belt product range.
KBXBanded X-POWER (performance cogged) v-belt product range.
KBBanded v-belt product range.
KKPlastic/polyurethane v-belt product range.
KSLight-duty bushing & sheave product range.
KRAFTBAND(KB) A banded v-belt.
LDLight-duty v-belt product range.
OEOpen-ended & punched v-belt product range
OMEGA"Chloroprene timing belts with glass fiber cords that feature OPTIBELT's exclusive tooth design which fits standard HTD® and RPP® pulleys."
PKR"Patterned backed belt product range for specialized applications."
QDBushing & sheave product range.
RBRibbed belt product range.
RED POWER 3High performance banded and single belt product range that features engineered materials that do not require the belt to be re-tensioned after initial set-up throughout its lifetime.
RRRound polyurethane product range.
SKStandard and Metric profile v-belt product range.
S=C PLUSBelt length tolerances which are much closer than industry standards for a matched-set regardless of date manufactured.
SET-CONSTANTLong-form term for "S=C Plus"
SUPER TXPerformance cogged v-belts.
VARIO POWERMolded cogged variable speed belt.
TBTaper lock bushings product sizes.
M=SRefers to OPTIBELT matched Set length tolerance for belts that are closer than industry standards regardless of date manufactured.
VBClassical section v-belt product range.
WRWide-angle V-belt product range.
X-POWERHigh performance cogged belt product range.