optibelt Super XE-Power Pro M=S

Profile Sizes


Length Range

587-3556 mm, 25-140 in.

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optibelt Super XE-Power Pro M=S

optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S is the next revolution in cogged v-belts. It has a redesigned moulded cogged profile which greatly improves durability, flexibility, and dependability. The high modulus cords allow it to be maintenance-free which reduces downtown, improves overall efficiency, and increases the power capacity by up to 20% over other high-performance cogged v-belts. The transverse fiber EPDM rubber gives the belt an operational temperature range of -40°F to 248°F.


optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S will be available in the fall of 2018 in Metric (XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC) and Standard (3VX, 5VX) profiles. This stock will replace SUPER X-POWER, SUPER TX, and SUPER E-POWER products.

  • XPZ     587 - 3556 mm
  • XPA     707 - 3556 mm
  • XPB     1250 - 3556 mm
  • XPC     2000 - 3556 mm
  • 3VX     25 - 140 in.
  • 5VX     50 - 140 in.


optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S is an EPDM rubber cogged v-belt with an improved cogged design and has high modulus tension cords. This has the following advantages:

HIGHLY EFFICIENT: High modulus cords keep the belt tensioned properly which improves efficiency.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Exceptional temperature resistance -40°F to 248°F.

MORE POWER: Transfers up to 20% more power than SUPER X-POWER.

MAINTENANCE-FREE: Eliminates re-tensioning maintenance and reduces production downtime.

IDLER/PULLEY FRIENDLY: Back-bend idler/pulley compatible.

CUSHION COMPOUND: Red embedding compound (EPDM) increases cord adhesion and improves flex-range.

M=S LENGTH TOLERANCES: Always matched sets, regardless of the date manufactured. 

CERTIFICATIONS: Electrically conductive according to ISO 1813 and RoHS Compliant.


  • POLYESTER CORD: High-modulus cords for maintenance-free drives.
  • CUSHION COMPOUND: The red EPDM cushion compound bonds the cords with the core rubber.
  • BASE: Transverse fiber EPDM rubber for additional strength and stability.
  • COG: Innovative molded shape maximizes strength and flexibility.