Omega Fan Power

Profile Sizes

14M, 8M

Length Range

2000-4578 mm

Product Images

Omega Fan Power


Designed specifically for oil refinery fin fan applications. OMEGA FANPOWER has the same high-performance characteristics as OMEGA HP belts. Features include fiberglass cords and aramid blended fiber rubber core provide the strength for heavy industrial applications. Fits standard HTD®, RPP®, and MR® pulleys so you get more performance and durability without the need to replace existing pulleys.


2400-8MFP-30     (FP = Fan Power)

2400 = 2400 mm Pitch Length     8M = Section Size     30 = 30 mm Belt Width

3150-14MFP-85     (FP = Fan Power)

3150 = 3150 mm Pitch Length     14M = Section Size     85 = 85 mm Belt Width


HIGH PERFORMANCE: Glass fiber cords and aramid blended core provide superior strength and pulling force.

LOW-NOISE: OMEGA tooth design and fabric cover for quieter operation.

DURABLE: Fabric cover provides for increased wear and chemical resistance.

STRENGTH: Aramid fibers are blended into the rubber compound for a tooth structure with incredible shear strength.

VERSATILITY: Fits HTD® and RPP® pulleys.

TRUE RUNNING: Counter rotated cords ensure the belt does not have a pull bias.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Increased operation range -22 to 212°F.

ANTI-STATIC: 8M and 14M profiles meet ISO 9563 anti-static requirements.


  •  Oil resistant top layer fabric
  • Aramid reinforced polychloroprene core
  • Large diameter glass fiber tension cords
  • Reinforced polyamide tooth cover

Product Sizes & Lengths

Part #Pitch Length (mm)Section WidthSection Height
2800-14MFP-55 280055.009.5
2800-14MFP-85 280085.009.5
3150-14MFP-55 315055.009.5
3150-14MFP-85 315085.009.5
3360-14MFP-55 336055.009.5
3360-14MFP-85 336085.009.5
3500-14MFP-55 350055.009.5
3500-14MFP-85 350085.009.5
3850-14MFP-55 385055.009.5
3850-14MFP-85 385085.009.5
4326-14MFP-55 432655.009.5
4326-14MFP-85 432685.009.5
4578-14MFP-55 457855.009.5
4578-14MFP-85 457885.009.5
Part #Pitch Length (mm)Section WidthSection Height
2000-8MFP-30 200030.005.4
2000-8MFP-50 200050.005.4
2000-8MFP-85 200085.005.4
2240-8MFP-30 224030.005.4
2240-8MFP-50 224050.005.4
2240-8MFP-85 224085.005.4
2400-8MFP-30 240030.005.4
2400-8MFP-50 240050.005.4
2400-8MFP-85 240085.005.4
2600-8MFP-30 260030.005.4
2600-8MFP-50 260050.005.4
2600-8MFP-85 260085.005.4
2800-8MFP-30 280030.005.4
2800-8MFP-50 280050.005.4
2800-8MFP-85 280085.005.4