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Metal, QD Bushings

QD bushings are available in sizes L through S, with stock bore sizes in both inches and millimeters.



SDS = Bushing Size     1-3/4 = 1-3/4 in. Stock Bore


E = Bushing Size     35 = 35 mm Stock Bore



Product Sizes & Lengths

Part #Metal TypeBush SizeBore (in)
E1 1/2 Ductile IronE1.50
E1 Ductile IronE1.00
E1 1/4 Ductile IronE1.25
E1 1/8 Ductile IronE1.12
E1 11/16 Ductile IronE1.69
E1 13/16 Ductile IronE1.81
E1 15/16 Ductile IronE1.94
E1 3/16 Ductile IronE1.19
E1 3/4 Ductile IronE1.75
E1 3/8 Ductile IronE1.38
E1 5/16 Ductile IronE1.31
E1 5/8 Ductile IronE1.62
E1 7/16 Ductile IronE1.44
E1 7/8 Ductile IronE1.88
E1 9/16 Ductile IronE1.56
E15/16 Ductile IronE0.94
E2 Ductile IronE2.00
E2 1/16 Ductile IronE2.06
E2 1/2 Ductile IronE2.50
E2 1/4 Ductile IronE2.25
E2 1/8 Ductile IronE2.12
E2 11/16 Ductile IronE2.69
E2 13/16 Ductile IronE2.81
E2 15/16 Ductile IronE2.94
E2 3/16 Ductile IronE2.19
E2 3/4 Ductile IronE2.75
E2 3/8 Ductile IronE2.38
E2 5/16 Ductile IronE2.31
E2 5/8 Ductile IronE2.62
E2 7/16 Ductile IronE2.44
E2 7/8 Ductile IronE2.88
E2 9/16 Ductile IronE2.56
E3 Ductile IronE3.00
E3 1/2 Ductile IronE3.50
E3 1/4 Ductile IronE3.25
E3 1/8 Ductile IronE3.12
E3 3/16 Ductile IronE3.19
E3 3/8 Ductile IronE3.38
E3 5/16 Ductile IronE3.31
E7/8 Ductile IronE0.88
E3 7/16 Ductile IronE3.44
F1 Ductile IronF1.00
F1 1/2 Ductile IronF1.50
F1 1/4 Ductile IronF1.25
F1 1/8 Ductile IronF1.12
F1 11/16 Ductile IronF1.69
F1 13/16 Ductile IronF1.81
F1 15/16 Ductile IronF1.94
F1 3/16 Ductile IronF1.19
F1 3/4 Ductile IronF1.75
F1 3/8 Ductile IronF1.38
F1 5/8 Ductile IronF1.62
F1 7/16 Ductile IronF1.44
F1 7/8 Ductile IronF1.88
F1 9/16 Ductile IronF1.56
F2 Ductile IronF2.00
F2 1/16 Ductile IronF2.06
F2 1/2 Ductile IronF2.50
F2 1/4 Ductile IronF2.25
F2 1/8 Ductile IronF2.12
F2 11/16 Ductile IronF2.69
F2 13/16 Ductile IronF2.81
F2 15/16 Ductile IronF2.94
F2 3/16 Ductile IronF2.19
F2 3/4 Ductile IronF2.75
F2 3/8 Ductile IronF2.38
F2 5/16 Ductile IronF2.31
F2 5/8 Ductile IronF2.62
F2 7/16 Ductile IronF2.44
F2 7/8 Ductile IronF2.88
F2 9/16 Ductile IronF2.56
F3 Ductile IronF3.00
F3 1/2 Ductile IronF3.50
F3 1/4 Ductile IronF3.25
F3 1/8 Ductile IronF3.12
F3 11/16 Ductile IronF3.69
F3 15/16 Ductile IronF3.94
F3 3/16 Ductile IronF3.19
F3 3/4 Ductile IronF3.75
F3 3/8 Ductile IronF3.38
F3 5/16 Ductile IronF3.31
F3 5/8 Ductile IronF3.62
F3 7/16 Ductile IronF3.44
F3 7/8 Ductile IronF3.88
F4 Ductile IronF4.00
J1 1/2 Ductile IronJ1.50
J1 11/16 Ductile IronJ1.69
J1 15/16 Ductile IronJ1.94
J1 3/4 Ductile IronJ1.75
J1 7/16 Ductile IronJ1.44
J1 7/8 Ductile IronJ1.88
J2 Ductile IronJ2.00
J2 1/16 Ductile IronJ2.06
J2 1/2 Ductile IronJ2.50
J2 1/4 Ductile IronJ2.25
J2 1/8 Ductile IronJ2.12
J2 11/16 Ductile IronJ2.69
J2 15/16 Ductile IronJ2.94
J2 3/16 Ductile IronJ2.19
J2 3/4 Ductile IronJ2.75
J2 3/8 Ductile IronJ2.38
J2 5/16 Ductile IronJ2.31
J2 5/8 Ductile IronJ2.62
J2 7/16 Ductile IronJ2.44
J2 7/8 Ductile IronJ2.88
J3 Ductile IronJ3.00
J3 1/2 Ductile IronJ3.50
J3 1/4 Ductile IronJ3.25
J3 1/8 Ductile IronJ3.12
J3 11/16 Ductile IronJ3.69
J3 13/16 Ductile IronJ3.81
J3 15/16 Ductile IronJ3.94
J3 3/16 Ductile IronJ3.19
J3 3/4 Ductile IronJ3.75
J3 3/8 Ductile IronJ3.38
J3 5/16 Ductile IronJ3.31
J3 5/8 Ductile IronJ3.62
J3 7/16 Ductile IronJ3.44
J3 7/8 Ductile IronJ3.88
J4 Ductile IronJ4.00
J4 1/2 Ductile IronJ4.50
J4 1/4 Ductile IronJ4.25
J4 1/8 Ductile IronJ4.12
J4 3/16 Ductile IronJ4.19
J4 3/8 Ductile IronJ4.38
J4 7/16 Ductile IronJ4.44
JA1 Ductile IronJA1.00
JA1 1/16 Ductile IronJA1.06
JA1 1/4 Ductile IronJA1.25
JA1 1/8 Ductile IronJA1.12
JA1 3/16 Ductile IronJA1.19
JA1/2 Ductile IronJA0.50
JA11/16 Ductile IronJA0.69
JA13/16 Ductile IronJA0.81
JA15/16 Ductile IronJA0.94
JA3/4 Ductile IronJA0.75
JA5/8 Ductile IronJA0.62
JA7/16 Ductile IronJA0.44
JA7/8 Ductile IronJA0.88
JA9/16 Ductile IronJA0.56
M1 15/16 Ductile IronM1.94
M2 Ductile IronM2.00
M2 1/2 Ductile IronM2.50
M2 1/4 Ductile IronM2.25
M2 11/16 Ductile IronM2.69
M2 15/16 Ductile IronM2.94
M2 3/16 Ductile IronM2.19
M2 3/4 Ductile IronM2.75
M2 3/8 Ductile IronM2.38
M2 5/8 Ductile IronM2.62
M2 7/16 Ductile IronM2.44
M2 7/8 Ductile IronM2.88
M3 Ductile IronM3.00
M3 1/2 Ductile IronM3.50
M3 1/4 Ductile IronM3.25
M3 1/8 Ductile IronM3.12
M3 11/16 Ductile IronM3.69
M3 13/16 Ductile IronM3.81
M3 15/16 Ductile IronM3.94
M3 3/16 Ductile IronM3.19
M3 3/4 Ductile IronM3.75
M3 3/8 Ductile IronM3.38
M3 5/8 Ductile IronM3.62
M3 7/16 Ductile IronM3.44
M3 7/8 Ductile IronM3.88
M4 Ductile IronM4.00
M4 1/2 Ductile IronM4.50
M4 1/4 Ductile IronM4.25
M4 1/8 Ductile IronM4.12
M4 11/16 Ductile IronM4.69
M4 15/16 Ductile IronM4.94
M4 3/16 Ductile IronM4.19
M4 3/4 Ductile IronM4.75
M4 3/8 Ductile IronM4.38
M4 5/8 Ductile IronM4.62
M4 7/16 Ductile IronM4.44
M4 7/8 Ductile IronM4.88
M5 Ductile IronM5.00
M5 1/2 Ductile IronM5.50
M5 1/4 Ductile IronM5.25
M5 3/16 Ductile IronM5.19
M5 3/8 Ductile IronM5.38
M5 7/16 Ductile IronM5.44
N2 15/16 N2.94
N3 N3.00
N3 1/2 N3.50
N3 15/16 N3.94
N3 3/4 N3.75
N3 3/8 N3.38
N3 5/8 N3.62
N3 7/16 N3.44
N3 7/8 N3.88
N4 N4.00
N4 1/2 N4.50
N4 1/4 N4.25
N4 15/16 N4.94
N4 3/16 N4.19
N4 3/4 N4.75
N4 3/8 N4.38
N4 7/16 N4.44
N4 7/8 N4.88
N5 N5.00
N5 1/2 N5.50
N5 3/16 N5.19
N5 7/16 N5.44
N5 7/8 N5.88
SD1 Ductile IronSD1.00
SD1 1/16 Ductile IronSD1.06
SD1 1/2 Ductile IronSD1.50
SD1 1/4 Ductile IronSD1.25
SD1 11/16 Ductile IronSD1.69
SD1 13/16 Ductile IronSD1.81
SD1 15/16 Ductile IronSD1.94
SD1 3/16 Ductile IronSD1.19
SD1 3/4 Ductile IronSD1.75
SD1 3/8 Ductile IronSD1.38
SD1 5/16 Ductile IronSD1.31
SD1 5/8 Ductile IronSD1.62
SD1 7/16 Ductile IronSD1.44
SD1 7/8 Ductile IronSD1.88
SD1 9/16 Ductile IronSD1.56
SD1/2 Ductile IronSD0.50
SD11/16 Ductile IronSD0.69
SD13/16 Ductile IronSD0.81
SD15/16 Ductile IronSD0.94
SD2 Ductile IronSD2.00
SD3/4 Ductile IronSD0.75
SD5/8 Ductile IronSD0.62
SD7/8 Ductile IronSD0.88
SD9/16 Ductile IronSD0.56
SDS1 Ductile IronSDS1.00
SDS1 1/16 Ductile IronSDS1.06
SDS1 1/2 Ductile IronSDS1.50
SDS1 1/4 Ductile IronSDS1.25
SDS1 1/8 Ductile IronSDS1.12
SDS1 11/16 Ductile IronSDS1.69
SDS1 13/16 Ductile IronSDS1.81
SDS1 15/16 Ductile IronSDS1.94
SDS1 3/16 Ductile IronSDS1.19
SDS1 3/4 Ductile IronSDS1.75
SDS1 3/8 Ductile IronSDS1.38
SDS1 5/16 Ductile IronSDS1.31
SDS1 5/8 Ductile IronSDS1.62
SDS1 7/16 Ductile IronSDS1.44
SDS1 7/8 Ductile IronSDS1.88
SDS1 9/16 Ductile IronSDS1.56
SDS1/2 Ductile IronSDS0.50
SDS11/16 Ductile IronSDS0.69
SDS13/16 Ductile IronSDS0.81
SDS15/16 Ductile IronSDS0.94
SDS2 Ductile IronSDS2.00
SDS3/4 Ductile IronSDS0.75
SDS5/8 Ductile IronSDS0.62
SDS7/8 Ductile IronSDS0.88
SDS9/16 Ductile IronSDS0.56
SF1 Ductile IronSF1.00
SF1 1/16 Ductile IronSF1.06
SF1 1/2 Ductile IronSF1.50
SF1 1/4 Ductile IronSF1.25
SF1 1/8 Ductile IronSF1.12
SF1 11/16 Ductile IronSF1.69
SF1 13/16 Ductile IronSF1.81
SF1 15/16 Ductile IronSF1.94
SF1 3/16 Ductile IronSF1.19
SF1 3/4 Ductile IronSF1.75
SF1 3/8 Ductile IronSF1.38
SF1 5/16 Ductile IronSF1.31
SF1 5/8 Ductile IronSF1.62
SF1 7/16 Ductile IronSF1.44
SF1 7/8 Ductile IronSF1.88
SF1 9/16 Ductile IronSF1.56
SF1/2 Ductile IronSF0.50
SF15/16 Ductile IronSF0.94
SF2 Ductile IronSF2.00
SF2 1/16 Ductile IronSF2.06
SF2 1/2 Ductile IronSF2.50
SF2 1/4 Ductile IronSF2.25
SF2 1/8 Ductile IronSF2.12
SF2 11/16 Ductile IronSF2.69
SF2 13/16 Ductile IronSF2.81
SF2 15/16 Ductile IronSF2.94
SF2 3/16 Ductile IronSF2.19
SF2 3/4 Ductile IronSF2.75
SF2 3/8 Ductile IronSF2.38
SF2 5/16 Ductile IronSF2.31
SF2 5/8 Ductile IronSF2.62
SF2 7/16 Ductile IronSF2.44
SF2 7/8 Ductile IronSF2.88
SF2 9/16 Ductile IronSF2.56
SF3/4 Ductile IronSF0.75
SF5/8 Ductile IronSF0.62
SF7/8 Ductile IronSF0.88
SF9/16 Ductile IronSF0.56
SH1 Ductile IronSH1.00
SH1 1/16 Ductile IronSH1.06
SH1 1/2 Ductile IronSH1.50
SH1 1/4 Ductile IronSH1.25
SH1 1/8 Ductile IronSH1.12
SH1 11/16 Ductile IronSH1.69
SH1 3/16 Ductile IronSH1.19
SH1 3/8 Ductile IronSH1.38
SH1 5/16 Ductile IronSH1.31
SH1 5/8 Ductile IronSH1.62
SH1 7/16 Ductile IronSH1.44
SH1 9/16 Ductile IronSH1.56
SH1/2 Ductile IronSH0.50
SH11/16 Ductile IronSH0.69
SH13/16 Ductile IronSH0.81
SH15/16 Ductile IronSH0.94
SH3/4 Ductile IronSH0.75
SH5/8 Ductile IronSH0.62
SH7/8 Ductile IronSH0.88
SH9/16 Ductile IronSH0.56
SK1 Ductile IronSK1.00
SK1 1/16 Ductile IronSK1.06
SK1 1/2 Ductile IronSK1.50
SK1 1/4 Ductile IronSK1.25
SK1 1/8 Ductile IronSK1.12
SK1 11/16 Ductile IronSK1.69
SK1 13/16 Ductile IronSK1.81
SK1 15/16 Ductile IronSK1.94
SK1 3/16 Ductile IronSK1.19
SK1 3/4 Ductile IronSK1.75
SK1 3/8 Ductile IronSK1.38
SK1 5/16 Ductile IronSK1.31
SK1 5/8 Ductile IronSK1.62
SK1 7/16 Ductile IronSK1.44
SK1 7/8 Ductile IronSK1.88
SK1 9/16 Ductile IronSK1.56
SK1/2 Ductile IronSK0.50
SK11/16 Ductile IronSK0.69
SK13/16 Ductile IronSK0.81
SK15/16 Ductile IronSK0.94
SK2 Ductile IronSK2.00
SK2 1/16 Ductile IronSK2.06
SK2 1/2 Ductile IronSK2.50
SK2 1/4 Ductile IronSK2.25
SK2 1/8 Ductile IronSK2.12
SK2 3/16 Ductile IronSK2.19
SK2 3/8 Ductile IronSK2.38
SK2 5/16 Ductile IronSK2.31
SK2 5/8 Ductile IronSK2.62
SK2 7/16 Ductile IronSK2.44
SK2 9/16 Ductile IronSK2.56
SK3/4 Ductile IronSK0.75
SK5/8 Ductile IronSK0.62
SK7/8 Ductile IronSK0.88
SK9/16 Ductile IronSK0.56
H1 SteelH1.00
H1 1/16 SteelH1.06
H1 1/4 SteelH1.25
H1 1/8 SteelH1.12
H1 3/16 SteelH1.19
H1 3/8 SteelH1.38
H1 5/16 SteelH1.31
H1 7/16 SteelH1.44
H1/2 SteelH0.50
H11/16 SteelH0.69
H13/16 SteelH0.81
H15/16 SteelH0.94
H3/4 SteelH0.75
H3/8 SteelH0.38
H5/8 SteelH0.62
H7/16 SteelH0.44
H7/8 SteelH0.88
H9/16 SteelH0.56
Part #Metal TypeBush SizeBore (mm)
E35 Ductile IronE35
E38 Ductile IronE38
E40 Ductile IronE40
E42 Ductile IronE42
E45 Ductile IronE45
E48 Ductile IronE48
E50 Ductile IronE50
E55 Ductile IronE55
E60 Ductile IronE60
E65 Ductile IronE65
E70 Ductile IronE70
E75 Ductile IronE75
E80 Ductile IronE80
F42 Ductile IronF42
F45 Ductile IronF45
F48 Ductile IronF48
F50 Ductile IronF50
F55 Ductile IronF55
F60 Ductile IronF60
F65 Ductile IronF65
F70 Ductile IronF70
F75 Ductile IronF75
F80 Ductile IronF80
F85 Ductile IronF85
F90 Ductile IronF90
J50 Ductile IronJ50
J55 Ductile IronJ55
J60 Ductile IronJ60
J65 Ductile IronJ65
J70 Ductile IronJ70
J75 Ductile IronJ75
J80 Ductile IronJ80
J85 Ductile IronJ85
J90 Ductile IronJ90
J95 Ductile IronJ95
J100 Ductile IronJ100
JA14 Ductile IronJA14
JA15 Ductile IronJA15
JA16 Ductile IronJA16
JA19 Ductile IronJA19
JA20 Ductile IronJA20
JA22 Ductile IronJA22
JA24 Ductile IronJA24
JA25 Ductile IronJA25
JA28 Ductile IronJA28
M80 Ductile IronM80
M90 Ductile IronM90
M100 Ductile IronM100
M120 Ductile IronM120
N100 Ductile IronN100
N120 Ductile IronN120
SD24 Ductile IronSD24
SD25 Ductile IronSD25
SD28 Ductile IronSD28
SD30 Ductile IronSD30
SD32 Ductile IronSD32
SD35 Ductile IronSD35
SD38 Ductile IronSD38
SD40 Ductile IronSD40
SD42 Ductile IronSD42
SDS24 Ductile IronSDS24
SDS25 Ductile IronSDS25
SDS28 Ductile IronSDS28
SDS30 Ductile IronSDS30
SDS32 Ductile IronSDS32
SDS35 Ductile IronSDS35
SDS38 Ductile IronSDS38
SDS40 Ductile IronSDS40
SDS42 Ductile IronSDS42
SF28 Ductile IronSF28
SF30 Ductile IronSF30
SF32 Ductile IronSF32
SF35 Ductile IronSF35
SF38 Ductile IronSF38
SF40 Ductile IronSF40
SF42 Ductile IronSF42
SF45 Ductile IronSF45
SF48 Ductile IronSF48
SF50 Ductile IronSF50
SF55 Ductile IronSF55
SF60 Ductile IronSF60
SF65 Ductile IronSF65
SH15 Ductile IronSH15
SH20 Ductile IronSH20
SH22 Ductile IronSH22
SH24 Ductile IronSH24
SH25 Ductile IronSH25
SH30 Ductile IronSH30
SH32 Ductile IronSH32
SH35 Ductile IronSH35
SH38 Ductile IronSH38
SK14 Ductile IronSK14
SK20 Ductile IronSK20
SK24 Ductile IronSK24
SK25 Ductile IronSK25
SK28 Ductile IronSK28
SK30 Ductile IronSK30
SK32 Ductile IronSK32
SK35 Ductile IronSK35
SK38 Ductile IronSK38
SK40 Ductile IronSK40
SK42 Ductile IronSK42
SK45 Ductile IronSK45
SK48 Ductile IronSK48
SK50 Ductile IronSK50
SK55 Ductile IronSK55
SK60 Ductile IronSK60
H10 SteelH10
H11 SteelH11
H14 SteelH14
H15 SteelH15
H16 SteelH16
H17 SteelH17
H18 SteelH18
H19 SteelH19
H20 SteelH20
H22 SteelH22
H24 SteelH24
H25 SteelH25
H28 SteelH28
H30 SteelH30
H32 SteelH32
H35 SteelH35
H38 SteelH38