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Metal, Clutches & Brakes

Optibelt has partnered with Amsbeck, a leading manufacturer and designer of centrifigal clutches and brakes, as well as hydraulic clutches. Robust and high quality designs are available and can be custom engineered for your application requirements.


The hub guides the centrifugal weights as the clutch is engaged and disengaged.

  • The hub profile is designed for high torque transmission
  • Clutch engagement can be operated independent of shaft rotation
  • High power transmission to clutch diameter ratio
  • Simple, robust, and versatile design
  • Used for centrifugal clutches and brakes


Utilizes a pivoting centrifugal weight mechanism, where the centrifugal weight pivots to engage and disengage the clutch in a self-reinforcement "jaw effect."

  • Smooth power train dampening
  • Increased clutch dampening
  • Low-vibration and low-noise
  • Used for centrifugal clutches and brakes


An innovative self-tensioning belt mechanism integrated into a centrifugal clutch.

  • Optimized power transfer
  • Can increase belt life significantly
  • Reduced power train wear
  • Reduces operating and owning costs
  • Automatic and manual designs