HVAC Power

Profile Sizes

A, B

Length Range

20-47 in.

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HVAC Power


Specifically engineered to meet the demands of HVAC motors and drives. HVAC POWER has the flexibility of cogged or notched belts while keeping OPTIBELT's wrapped fabric cover. HVAC POWER fractional horsepower v-belts will continue to run trouble-free long after standard belts need to be replaced, saving you hundreds of dollars a year or more.



A = Profile Section     18 = 18 in. Inside Belt Length     HVAC = Belt Type


B = Profile Section     30 = 30 in. Inside Belt Length     HVAC = Belt Type


Highly Flexible: Engineered flexibility to fit a wide variety of small variable pitch
adjustable motor pulleys.

INCREASED LIFE: Rubber impregnated  fabric wrapped bonded with the belt’s core for superior durability.

LESS MAINTENANCE: Low-stretch cords keep tension longer, reducing the need for tension maintenance.

LOW DRIVE-WEAR: Fabric cover wears pulleys less than conventional raw edge cogged v-belts and works with less tension reducing drive wear. 

INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Premium low stretch cord ensures better contact throughout the belts life.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Increased operational range from -40 to 194°F.

LOW NOISE: Belt fabric wrap reduces noise often attributed to the use of raw edge belts. 


  • Optimized rubber compound top layer & core
  • Flexible cord binding/bedding compound
  • Low-stretch polyester cord
  • Fabric wrapped for increased grip strength and greater wear resistance. This specialized wrap is rubber impregnated to fuse with the belt’s core.

Product Sizes & Lengths

Part #Outside Length (in)Datum Length (in)Inside Length (in)Section WidthSection Height
A18HVAC 20.0019.3018.001/211/32
A19HVAC 21.0020.3019.001/211/32
A20HVAC 22.0021.3020.001/211/32
A21HVAC 23.0022.3021.001/211/32
A22HVAC 24.0023.3022.001/211/32
A23HVAC 25.0024.3023.001/211/32
A24HVAC 26.0025.3024.001/211/32
A25HVAC 27.0026.3025.001/211/32
A26HVAC 28.0027.3026.001/211/32
A27HVAC 29.0028.3027.001/211/32
A28HVAC 30.0029.3028.001/211/32
A29HVAC 31.0030.3029.001/211/32
A30HVAC 32.0031.3030.001/211/32
A31HVAC 33.0032.3031.001/211/32
A32HVAC 34.0033.3032.001/211/32
A33HVAC 35.0034.3033.001/211/32
A34HVAC 36.0035.3034.001/211/32
A35HVAC 37.0036.3035.001/211/32
A36HVAC 38.0037.3036.001/211/32
A37HVAC 39.0038.3037.001/211/32
A38HVAC 40.0039.3038.001/211/32
A39HVAC 41.0040.3039.001/211/32
A40HVAC 42.0041.3040.001/211/32
A41HVAC 43.0042.3041.001/211/32
A42HVAC 44.0043.3042.001/211/32
A43HVAC 45.0044.3043.001/211/32
A44HVAC 46.0045.3044.001/211/32
A45HVAC 47.0046.3045.001/211/32
Part #Outside Length (in)Datum Length (in)Inside Length (in)Section WidthSection Height
B23HVAC 26.0024.8023.0021/327/16
B24HVAC 27.0025.8024.0021/327/16
B25HVAC 28.0026.8025.0021/327/16
B26HVAC 29.0027.8026.0021/327/16
B27HVAC 30.0028.8027.0021/327/16
B28HVAC 31.0029.8028.0021/327/16
B29HVAC 32.0030.8029.0021/327/16
B30HVAC 33.0031.8030.0021/327/16
B31HVAC 34.0032.8031.0021/327/16
B32HVAC 35.0033.8032.0021/327/16
B33HVAC 36.0034.8033.0021/327/16
B34HVAC 37.0035.8034.0021/327/16
B35HVAC 38.0036.8035.0021/327/16
B36HVAC 39.0037.8036.0021/327/16
B37HVAC 40.0038.8037.0021/327/16
B38HVAC 41.0039.8038.0021/327/16
B39HVAC 42.0040.8039.0021/327/16
B40HVAC 43.0041.8040.0021/327/16
B41HVAC 44.0042.8041.0021/327/16
B42HVAC 45.0043.8042.0021/327/16
B44HVAC 47.0045.8044.0021/327/16