OPTIBELT works with some of the leading manufacturers in the world in the following areas:

EXISTING DRIVE PERFORMANCE: Our engineers will perform a drive analysis and make recommendations to improve existing products or resolve performance & durability problems.

PRODUCT DESIGN: If you are developing new products OPTIBELT's resources can help develop the most effective drive solution that controls costs, and maximizes space, performance and durability.

LOGISTICS: OPTIBELT's global manufacturing and distribution allows us to maximize efficiencies to deliver products as needed.

CUSTOM PRODUCT: Regardless of your company's size OPTIBELT has the capacity to custom manufacture products to meet your specifications.

For more information contact an OPTIBELT representative for further details.

OEM Solution Examples


transverse fiber rubber v-belt    


Optibelt can increase power transmission belt performance by changing the rubber compounds and/or the cord material. This is why Optibelt manufactures standard,  high performance and industrial power v-belts and timing belts.



A belt's cord is the way power transmission belts transfers power. By changing the cord material and/or diameter it effects the amount of power it is capable of transferring.



V-Belts and timing belts often have protective fabric wraps around them. Optibelt has developed several different types of fabric covers the can resist oil & chemicals, decrease wear, or  increase or decrease friction.  



Many applications require additional flex range and resistance to heat. Often the two variables go hand-in-hand as heat builds more when pressure is placed on a reduced area such as in small diameter pulleys. Optibelt's engineering and application experience can help OEM's resolve these issues.